Our story

7 Baker is a premium, locally-owned and sourced Euro-Asian bakery created by 7cake in 2018. Our three core values —  healthinnovation and sharing, lies in everything that we do. We believe that less is more; that the natural flavours of our ingredients should be the main highlight. Inspired by all the tiny moments happening in our daily lives, we aim to be “ Your Daily Delight” by using our own mouth-watering recipes.


Hi, My name SEVII! The first question I get is, "what does your name mean?". It means the number “7”. “SE” represents “Seven”, “VII” means 7 in roman.

My friends at 7 Baker said that I was created when one of my baker friends accidentally put some magic sugar frosting into a bowl of bread dough. Since that day, I’ve been spending most of my days trying to put a little smile in everyone’s lives - I love making new friends!

My favourite food is bread, I can't get enough of it, and I spend a lot of time playing and tasting the food that my friends at 7 Baker make freshly every day. 

My friends at the store also tell me that the most important thing for everyone is finding an everyday delight. I guess they must be right because I always find new foods in here that make me happy every day :)

I hope to see you soon and I'm looking forward to your visit!

Oh and my favourite number? It's seven of course! 

See you soon!